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End-User Requirements Document

I am new to Qlikview and am preparing to start a large project in which I shall be creating many qlikview documents based on a list of 140 reports. bEFORE  I begin the development I require more information on the user requirements. What they want from the document, how they want it to look? etc.

I know the beauty of Qlikview is that you can go straight to development but the project is so larger it would be beneficial for me to set out the exact requirements first.

Does anyone know or have a end-user requirements document I can use to gather all relevant information from my users?



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Re: End-User Requirements Document

Carly - Welcome to Qlik World. I am sure you would enjoy your journey like me. In our environment we dont have a document to gather end-user requirements. One of the recent project I had worked on... I was just provided with a connection string to database server .

However, I will be watching this post very closely and look forward for help from other users.

Good luck with 140 reports.

Cheers - DV

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End-User Requirements Document

Hi Carly,
I usually start by documenting the KPI's, listing all of them with details like: dimensions the user is expecting to see, the definition of the KPI, the source (Will it come from a database or a file?), the goal and the limits for Normal, Critical and Attention. After this I make a meeting with the user and validate the document and then start developing. I dont know if this is the best way to do it, but is the way that I do and seems to work. I hope this help you and I also would appreciate if more people share their experiences with user requirements.