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Error in calculated dimension

Dear All,

I am trying to generate a report using chart -> straight table and would like to fitler the data. I have a straight table with all the columns as dimension and expression =1. the straight table gets generated properly but when i am trying to filter the data i am getting error in calculating the dimension".

I have the following data


I have a list box containing all the buyer and seller and would like to filter the above data based on the selection in the list box.

i have the dimension for buyer as

only ({<buyer = {"$(=getfieldselections(Firm))"}> buyer) ... where Firm is the list box used for selection.

Kindly let me know how i can get this data filter...

Thanks and Regards,


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Error in calculated dimension


Sorry, for my previous post, I could not get your point correctly.

You have to use advanced aggregation, you can not use group functions directly in calculated dimensions.

Try this expression, it will work.

=aggr(only({<Buyer={"$(=GetFieldSelections(Firm))"}>} Buyer),Buyer)

Let me know, if any issue.