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Error mode in script

Dear all,


I have used error mode to bypass an error in script but unfortunately its not working.Actually the table is saved into qvd for plant '1007', '1002', '1005', '1003', '1001', '1144' but for the plant '1006' the table is not saved into qvd.I want to skip the this script even if the table is not available for the plant '1006'.pls suggest me some ideas.


set ErrorMode=0;
for each Plant in '1007', '1002', '1005', '1003', '1001', '1144', '1006'
[ "" ]

store [ZQM_SP_FM_Z321STAT] into E:\DATA\ZSTATUS_$(Plant)_$(vFileName).qvd(qvd);
drop table [ZQM_SP_FM_Z321STAT];

if ErrorMode= 0 then

end if


My log file says


Error: Connector reply error:
2018-12-11 05:14:37 LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode
2018-12-11 05:14:37 ERROR no conversation found with id 07999734