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Excel Pivot to QlikView

Hello Community,

I'm struggling to transfer my Excel pivot reports to QlikView.

The data comes from a sql server DB and I use a variable to calculate the maturity in days depending on two columns.

In Excel this is an extra column and looks like this translated to QlikView:

set vMaturityInDays = Num(Date([NetMaturity]))-Num(Date([CutoffDate]))

I have set up another extra column ('not due') in Excel to show the different range of days depending on conditions.


I transfered the Excel formula to QlikView like so:

if ($(vMaturityInDays) >=0,'not due',if($(vMaturityInDays) >=-30,'<=30d',if($(vMaturityInDays)>=-90,'30d><=90d',if($(vMaturityInDays) >=-180,'90d> <=180d','>180d'))))

In Excel I can then take the 'not due' column and add it to the column filter in my pivot and I'm presented with this:mat.PNG

The general calculation works within QlikView but I can't figure out how to transfer the splitted day ranges above over to QlikView.

Any ideas?

thank you.

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Re: Excel Pivot to QlikView

still looking for some help on this topic.

I've created a sample application, please have a look:

The resulting QlikView pivot table should look like the following screenshot of the Excel pivot.

The numbers below represent the Amount/1000 sum value for the various time periods.


Any idea how to get this done? Or can you recommend different approach?

Thank you.

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Re: Excel Pivot to QlikView

So I've managed to get the look like I wanted for my pivot.

Inside the LOAD stmt I put:

if (Num(Date([NetMaturity]))-Num(Date([CutoffDate])) >=0,'not due',if(Num(Date([NetMaturity]))-Num(Date([CutoffDate])) >=-30,'<=30d',

if(Num(Date([NetMaturity]))-Num(Date([CutoffDate]))>=-90,'30d><=90d',if(Num(Date([NetMaturity]))-Num(Date([CutoffDate])) >=-180,'90d><=180d','>180d'))))

AS myDueInfo

Then I added the following expression(s) to my pivot:


if (myDueInfo LIKE '<=30d',sum(Amount) , 0)

if (myDueInfo LIKE '30d><=90d',sum(Amount) , 0)

but this only calculates the values when I click on the according value of "myDueInfo".

However I'd like the calculation to work without any selection, so that I can get an overview for all time periods.

What do I need to do for this?