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Exclude Values


I have a total of 100 million rows. Wanted an efficient method to exclude rows from a data set with straight table:

Name Value1 Value2

a          100        0

b           200      200

c            0         20

Dimension = Name

Dimension Expression 1= Value1

Dimension expression 2 =Value 2

Note: The dimension expression are created using set analysis.

What I want is:

1) I want Name only for Value1 > 0 (a and b) Then

2) I want Name where Value2 > 0 (b)

Basically I want to eliminate names where both Value 1 and Value 2 are zeros.

Any help is appreciated. The solution should work on large sets of data.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Exclude Values


Use Dimension = Name

Expression Value1= Sum({<Value1={'>0'}>} Value1)

Expression Value2= Sum({<Value1={'>0'}>} Value2)

Hope this helps you.