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Exclude rows


I have an umber of orders that have a different statuses- closed, cancelled, completed, authorise etc.

I always want to exclude the cancelled ones. I know this can be done using a list box and choosing the statuses I want to see. Is there anyway this can be a bit more dynamic

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Re: Exclude rows

hi david,

you can do in script level to restrict the data .


load * from tbl

where Status <> 'Cancelled';


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Re: Exclude rows

Hi Dave,

You can simply select the required values from your list box and then 'right click' on the list box and select 'lock'.

This will ensure the fields will not be changed even if you clear all your selections. To go back to the previous state, 'right click' on the list box and select 'unlock'.

Hope it helps.




Re: Exclude rows

Hi Dave,

You can also use the 'Dimension Limits' option to restrict your dimension.


Re: Exclude rows

You can exclude them in the script or you can assign a flag to all those statuses that you don't want to see and create a button on the front end to hide those statuses by selecting the showFlag.

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Re: Exclude rows

Hi David

In the script create a flag as Sunny suggested something like

Load *,

if(Status<>'Cancelled','Y','N')as Include_Status_Flag

from you data source

then in chart expression sum({<[Include_Status_Flag]={'Y'}>Value)