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Export a QlikView Ajax Doc to excel programmatically

We have several QlikView web apps and I'm trying to pull some data from these apps to be used on a web app dashboard. The only access to the qlik apps I have is through the ajax versions. I know that I can right click on tables and export to excel but is there a way anyone knows of to do this with an external script in javascript or python perhaps? I know there are APIs for QlikSense apps to export data from mashups but I couldn't find anything for QlikView. 

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Re: Export a QlikView Ajax Doc to excel programmatically

There are some items that allow you to do document/object integration in other applications:

If the above doesn't solve for what you're trying to do, your best bet would be to have the developer of the application export the data to a .txt file (using the Qlik View load script) that you can then read into your application.

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Re: Export a QlikView Ajax Doc to excel programmatically

Just adding a link to the Help regarding Mash-ups in QlikView that Nicole mentioned in her post.


To Nicole's other point, really need further information on the use case you are attempting to solve in order to determine if there may be other ways to do things.  One other that came to mind would be to create QVD files in the app from which you are trying to get the data such that you can use those QVD files in the other apps rather than trying to export/import etc.  


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Re: Export a QlikView Ajax Doc to excel programmatically

I have posted some sample javascript code that exports pivot or straight table chart to csv. You can probably modify it to do what you need.