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Export to Excel & dimension

Hi everybody !!

This question is about macro and dimension.

In my Qlikview, I have one dimension : 'client': A,B,C,D,E. I made a table with the dimension 'client', and I created a button to extract my table to Excel. Here is the script of my button:

Sub exportToExcel()

Set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH102")

obj.ExportBiff "C:\Test.csv"

Set obj = nothing

End Sub

No problem for this, I have my excel file on my folder, everything's ok

My question is: how can I extract a specific excel files for each dimensions ?

for exemple: if I select the 'client' A, and then I press the button, I want to find in my folder, an excel file with the name: 'A_Test.csv'

And If I choose the 'client' D, I want to find 'D_Test.csv'

Do you have any Ideas ? or do you know if I can do something like that on QlikView ?

Thanks for your help !

Have a nice day,



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Re: Export to Excel & dimension


NPrinting have that kind of reduce for excel.


Re: Export to Excel & dimension

Hi Louis,

take a look at this post:Export Qlikview objects to multiple Excel sheet



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Re: Export to Excel & dimension

If you have Publisher, loop and reduce the file on your dimension and do a: Store tablename into test.csv(txt); in your scipt. Also use somekind of prefix in publisher settings. The csv could easy be a xls file.