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Exporting Dimension as a number


I'm having some issues when trying to export a dimension field to excel as a number. I have following instructions elsewhere in the community to change the document number settings for that field, and also to go to the easter egg settings page to disable the export mixed as string setting, and this seemed to work fine.

Whenever I export from the document itself, or from the Access Point, the field shows as a number. However whenever someone else tries to do this from the Access Point, it still exports as a text field. Is there some extra setting that needs to be enabled on the document or server? Or is it some configuration that I would have made on my machine only.


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Specialist III
Specialist III

Re: Exporting Dimension as a number

EDIT: Have you already tried converting the dimension field into a number at the time of loading.


I'm not sure if this option will work but you may try. You can change the tag for your Field and try.