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Contributor II
Contributor II

Expression Help



I need help with my Expression I am creating in a straight Table.

I need it to do.... if 'Matching_Indicator contains '-1-' then minus dates between the Delivery2 and the End Date of the line above, if it is more or equal to 1 say 'CHECK'

This is what I have in there at the moment but is not working I have tried serval different ways but nothing works. 😞

IF(Matching_Indicator='-1',Sum(Delivery2-Above('End Date') >=1,'CHECK'

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Not entirely sure based on the information provided, but may be this

IF(Matching_Indicator = -1, 
  If(Delivery2 - Above([End Date]) >= 1, 'CHECK')

try below

IF(Matching_Indicator='-1' and Interval(Delivery2 - Above('End Date')) >=1,'CHECK')


IF(Matching_Indicator='-1' and Delivery2 - Above('End Date') >=1,'CHECK')



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Digital Support
Digital Support

You have received two responses, we would appreciate it if you would return to the thread and close it out by choosing the post that worked, as they are a bit different.  You can use the Accept as Solution button on the post that worked for you.  If you did something different, you can post what you did, then use the button to mark that, but if one of the other posts did help, I would recommend using the 'like' option to give the poster some credit that way.


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Contributor II
Contributor II

Sorry neither of the options worked 😞 I have put it to one side for now as I have had to pick up some other work. I will return to looking in to it toward the end of the month. Thank you both for your help it is really appreciated