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Expression Total differs to the actual value

When I create a table, the actual value is different to the expression total. The expression total is actually the correct value that need to display for that particular company. I have attached the example.

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Re: Expression Total differs to the actual value

Set the right Total mode:


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Re: Expression Total differs to the actual value

please check the attached, change the expression total to sum in Total Mode

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Re: Expression Total differs to the actual value

Thanks but that is incorrect , the value should display -37443 and not -50274

Re: Expression Total differs to the actual value

The best pointer I could provide here to find things would be to break apart the expression into separate text box objects, so you can check the results of each part of the expression to see if there is a problem in the expression somewhere.  I noticed you are using variables etc., so little tricky to try to sort this for you, but hopefully this may give you a means to figure out where things have gone wrong.  

The Sum by Expression is collapsing duplicate row data, just FYI, whereas Sum of Rows is using all rows regardless of whether they are duplicated, so it does appear to have to do with the underlying data and duplicates there causing the sum to end up being too high.  Hope this helps a little.

I pulled the following from the Help, may clarify a bit better than I tried to explain things:

Expression Total
The total of the expression evaluated on the next level. For example, if an expression generates the average monthly salary for a number of employees, the Expression Total will generate the total average of all the salaries. 

F(x) of Rows
If this option is selected, the individual values of each data point (each bar in a bar chart, each row in a straight table etc.) for the selected expression will be aggregated using the aggregation function selected from the drop-down list (typically summed up).


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