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Expression grouping in pie chart


I have a pie chart, with two expression grouped.
Basically the same expression, one is relative(%) and one absolute.

On the desktop version(10.00) it is working fine.

When accessing through the browser, if I toggle between the two views 4 times, the chart totally vanishes.

I need to reconnect or close and restore to see the chart again.

Any idea why this is happening.

My server is a test server and version 9.

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Expression grouping in pie chart


Which service release are you using? Have you tried to use them on SR 7? Are you using 3D chart type or Doughnut chart? If yes, have you tested with regular pie chart? Also, I am assuming that you are using IE Plugin, is this right?



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Expression grouping in pie chart

some Ajax client for webview...
I am on 10.xx. SR1.

Server is 9.xxxx (not sure which exact version)

i develop on 10.xx personal version and copy the qvw to a remote folder, server picks it up and users view through

their browser.