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Expression help


I am trying to create a pivot table showing job details. I don't want to show any jobs with a JobFinishDate of xx/xx/xxxx 23:59:59 (X being the date)

here is an example..


Does anyone know how i can hide this value please?

I was thinking of making the JobFinishDate an expression and doing an IF statement but i want it to ignore the date part of the timestamp and only exclude values matching 23:59:59 on the time part.


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Re: Expression help


Try like this

load *,if(text(time(JobFinishDate))='23:59:59',1,0) as RegionFlag Inline



Central,1000,'23/12/2011 12:11:45'

Central,1000,'23/12/2011 23:59:59'


Then in expression, use like this

=Sum({<RegionFlag = {0}>}RegionSales)

From that, we can exclude the  xx/xx/xxxx 23:59:59 in table.

Hope it helps



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Re: Expression help

Hi, i want to hide ALL JobFinishDates with a time of 23:59:59 not just the 2 listed.

I thought i could have used a function that could ignore the first 11 characters (The date) and then compare the remaining characters. and if the remaining characters = 23:59:59 then not show it.

Re: Expression help


Just load a sample for your requirement, it suit for all JobFinishDates with a time of 23:59:59.. If you set flag in script means, performance also high ..

Hope it helps..

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