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Contributor III
Contributor III

Expression in Pivot works, using Variables not

Good Morning together,

i am a Beginner in Qlikview and i need help in using variables to store expressions.

The Expression i got in the Pivot is as follows:

BS_Zuord.Auspr * if(BS_Zuord.Merkmale = 'Breite', 1, 0)

and that works fine, but i want to create several variables as

vBS_ZuordBreite and the same Definition as in the Expression

BS_Zuord.Auspr * if(BS_Zuord.Merkmale = 'Breite', 1, 0)


BS_Zuord.Auspr * if(BS_Zuord.Merkmale = 'Laenge', 1,0)

now i want to use the variable in the Expression of the pivot, like

vBS_ZuordBreite * vBS_ZuordLaenge / 1 000 000

but it wont work, any ideas?

Best regards

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Try using dollar sign expansion.

$(vBS_ZuordBreite) * $(vBS_ZuordLaenge) / 1 000 000