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Expressions on Multiple Axes?

Dearly beloved QlikCommunity,

I'm a QV rookie, currently building out my first ever report. I'm a bit stuck (in something of a Qlikpickle, if you will).

I've pasted in an excel drawing to build what I'm envisioning.

Trailing 7 Days
Trailing 28 Days
Quarter To Date
Year To Date

#% of leads#% of leads#% of leads#% of leads#% of leads
Total Leads 534,313100% 550,000100% 482,212

Leads Attempted 480,88290% 495,00090% 433,991

Leads Connected 336,61763% 346,50063%

Leads Closed 168,30932% 173,250

so on...

I've written the expressions for the relevant metrics, displaying them along the Y-Axis of my report. This works great for the first column, but how does one create multi-column tables showing different time periods?

I would think that writing expressions along the X and Y Axes would get me there, but can QV do that? Is there a different way to get there?

I'd ideally like to have percentage sub-columns alongside the raw data for each time period (as shown). Can this be done in QV as well?

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