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Extra rows in table caused by table join

Hi, i have two tables

Table 1 - Resource

Table 2 - Vacancies

They share a common field "Team" which is fine, as i may wish to reference vacancy data from table 1 views.

However, if i create a table based solely on fields from table 2, but including the team value, i end up with extra semi-empty rows of data at the bottom of the table object.

For example

If i have the following teams, A, B and C. 
If i create a table object in the sheet based on recruitment data, it would show the fields, but for any of A, B, or C that doesnt have any recruitment data in table 2, i end up with a blank row at the bottom of my table, for that team, the only field being populated is that team field, e.g.

Person, Role, Team
xxx1, role1, A
xxx2, role 2, A
xxx3, role 3, C
blank, blank, B

Assuming that in the above example table 2 had no entires for B.

Is there an easy way to strip out those rows that dont contain data in table B from the table object ?


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Creator II
Creator II

Can you may be share your sample data for the 2 tables and expected result? Thanks!


check the below option in table object properties

Annotation 2020-08-27 135219.png

Digital Support
Digital Support

The only other thing that came to mind is synthetic keys/tables in your data model:


There is something else as well, just ran across this the other day.


Be sure to check the note at the top there regarding the Cartesian, as that may be in play too.


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