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Failed to send alert mail on "one occasion" then it works fine

Hi Team,

Till this day we have received the mail notifications; everything was good with Mail server and Distribution service (Alert email) and received mail notifications perfectly.

But yesterday when the reload was failed we didn't receive the mail notification so we missed to check that in QMC and today we received mail notification when that same reload was failed again.

Here, we are in confusion why we didn't receive the mail notification yesterday (which suppose to be) below are the log files that for your reference, the first one shows failed to send mail but in 2nd attempt sent the alert mail..

(2017-08-29 14:15:02) Information: Task Execute Duration=00:00:02.0070000

(2017-08-29 14:15:02) Information: Sending Alert mail

(2017-08-29 14:15:03) Warning: Failed to send mail to XXXXXXX

(2017-08-29 14:15:04) Warning: Failed to send mail to XXXXXXX

(2017-08-29 14:15:04) Information: TaskResult.status=Finished


(2017-08-30 09:30:01) Information: Task Execute Duration=00:00:01.9020000

(2017-08-30 09:30:01) Information: Sending Alert mail

(2017-08-30 09:30:02) Information: TaskResult.status=Finished

No changes has been made on QMC but received the alert mail but not sure why suddenly we didn't receive the mail alert on yesterday.

someone please advise what might caused the issue...

Thank you,