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File path

Dear all,

Into my qlikview document, I load a text file:




(txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is '\t', msq);

and I don't note any trouble.

I copied all the document into the mounted folder on server, and my qlikview doc. don't find the mentioned file.

I've two possibilities:

- I insert the complete path into my document (e:\mainfolder\ra_appstart.txt)

or I've to copy the file into the mounted folder.

Is there a better solution ? I don0t like to insert the complete path and it's not good for me file duplication.


Thanks in advance

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Re: File path

I am not quite sure I understand, you 'copied all the document into the mounted folder on server' means that you copied both the .qvw file and the .txt file or only the .qvw file into that folder?

If you only copied the .qvw file, how is QlikView supposed to know where to look for the .txt file if it's not located in the same folder?

I believe you somehow need to tell QV the directory to look for that file, i.e. by giving the complete path (in the LOAD statement or using a DIRECTORY statement).

Why don't you like to insert the complete path?

(I think you don't ask for how to use a relative path here, do you?)



Contributor II

Re: File path

Hi Stefan,

I checked relative path, but it doesn't work how I would like. IS there other options to activate this function ?

For example, on my pc I'm working with path like c:\myfolder\...

but on server I've to place all the documents into another unit and the path is e:\myfolder\...

Entering the path in the document, I always have to remember to change it.

Is it possible to skip this step ?

Thanks for your help and suggestions


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