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Filter a Dimension in a Chart


I started to use QlikView a few days ago. 


In my data model  I have two tables (A and B) with the column "A.Market" and "B.market", that are not linked each other but both  are linked with the Table C on the field "A.Market" and "B.market".

I want to create three different tables each one filtered on a specific Market(DE, NL, GB). In the end I want a Table for DE, one for NL and one for GB in the same view.

Is it possible to filter the tables without create a lot variables like Sum({< [A.Market] = {'DE'} >} Revenue)?


My dashboard has the first view static and the others based on the field "C.Market", so you select the Market. I can't also filter the  first view on "C.Market" otherwise it's not static. I tried to add another table like the table C, but then I have cycles in my data model, so I deleted it.


I hope someone can help me!

Thanks  Smiley Happy



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Re: Filter a Dimension in a Chart

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Re: Filter a Dimension in a Chart

Thanks Smiley Happy

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