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Filter to include all months in graph

Hi, I have a 18 months of data , on occassions I need to filer just to see 12 months rolling data and then filter by a product incident. 

What I would like to see is on my bar chart - the 12 months I have selected as an axis with the number of incidents showing for each month, if a month has no incidents I would still like to see this month on the graph as 0

 Currently I either have a) only the months that have incidents showing e.g. if May-20 has 1 incident this shows, if Jun-20 has no incidents then this doesn't show or if I use show all values I have the whole 18 months as an axis which I dont want either as I only want to focus on the 12 month rolling.  

I hope this makes sense, thank you for your time 🙂

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i currently do not have Qlikview installed on my computer, but on the fly you could do the following:

_to just display 12 months, you can set an index to every month, ex. from 1 to 18, and then in the expression "month" put something like this  

count({$<{month=,index = {$(=max(index))-12 }}>}#incidents), in the sort tab, put sort by expression and include your sort index

_for showing all the values, go to the presentation tab and check a box that says "forced zero" (i think), this will make that all values are shown, included "zero". Alternatively, you can include a sum({1}0) to show all the values in the axis