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Filtering Help Needed

Here is what I am trying to do....I have two dimension columns one with unique order numbers another with the payment amount.

If you look at the example below orders 001 and 004 have two entries as Payments were made then refunded.

Basically I want the orders  not be shown whereby the total in the payment column equals $0

So in the below example only order 002 and 003 should be shown in the report.

Any help would be great!

Order NumberPayment
2 Replies

Re: Filtering Help Needed


     Try like this

     Use Order Number as dimension

     Exp: =if(Sum(Payment) > 0, sum(Payment))

     Hope it helps

Honored Contributor II

Re: Filtering Help Needed


Instead of Order Number you can use calculated dimension:

=aggr(Only({<[Order Number]={"=(Sum(Payment)<>0)"}>} [Order Number]), [Order Number])

also toggle checkbox 'supress when value is null'.

And Instead of using Payment as dimension transform it to expression Sum(Payment).

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