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Filtering out data in Straight Table

I have a straight table with a load of data in it. How would I add a filter so that I only see rows where a value in one of the columns is > 100, for example?

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Re: Filtering out data in Straight Table


You have a number of options open to you:

  • If the amount is fixed, then you could add a flag in your load script and then filter on the flag.
  • If the amount can be one of only a few values, you could create intervals for these values and then intervalmatch the intervals. Then filter on the intervals (depending on user selections).
  • You may be able to apply a filter to one or more of the dimensions (by using a calculated dimension).
  • You can filter the data columns (you must do this to all the columns). Lets say the value of interest is in Column 1:

               =If(expression1 > 100, expression1)

               =If(Column(1) > 100, expression2)

               =If(Column(1) > 100, expression3)

               =If(Column(1) > 100, expression4)


     (oh, and ensure that suppress null values is ON)

There may be others. Without more information on your requirements, its hard to be specific.

Hope that helps


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Re: Filtering out data in Straight Table


Thanks for taking the time to respond, really appreciate it. Options 1 and 2 aren't suitable. How would I filter the data using a calculated dimension? Giving a bit more detail, I have a table containing an ID number, the date it was added to the database and the time difference between the date added and now.

What I want to do is only show rows where the difference in seconds is greater than 540,000. I have a calculated expression called 'M_Seconds' that contains this value for each row, but if I do IF(now - logdate > 540000, now - logdate) on the expression then it doesn't actually filter anything out.

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Re: Filtering out data in Straight Table

I figured it out I think, I found the Calculated Dimension option and set that to my expression, then suppressed NULL values and it has filtered the data out. Thanks!

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Re: Filtering out data in Straight Table


this Helps me also...

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Re: Filtering out data in Straight Table

Helps me too.

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