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Finding nodal median in QlikView

I have a query regarding finding median value in a hierarchical dimension in QlikView:

I have a following hierarchical dimension in QlikView. (Dimension Name : VendorSubLocation, Vendor is the parent and Location is the child).

Assume the following values (Dimension names and the expression value):



     USA                            12

     UK                              13

     Australia                      14


     USA                             13

     UK                               12

     SA                               16

Corresponding to each Level 1 of VendorSubLocation dimension, I want to find out median value. That is the output should be

IBM - 13

and ATK - 13

Can you please suggest a method how this can be implemented in the load script?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Finding nodal median in QlikView

Use the median function. You'll need a group by clause if you want to calculate this in the script.

load Vendor, median(Rate)

from ...somewhere...

group by Vendor;

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Re: Finding nodal median in QlikView

Hi Gysbert,

There is an additional complication. Corresponding to each vendors there are multiple transactions. So consider the following situation:

                                      Rate          # of transactions


     USA                            12                    10

     UK                              13                     20

     Australia                      14                    61

Your solution will return 14 as the median value since Rate corresponding to  45th/46th transaction is 14. However, I want the median value as 13.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Finding nodal median in QlikView

Then first do a load distinct Vendor, Rate ...from... etc so you get the distinct Rate values

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Re: Finding nodal median in QlikView

That still does not seem to solve my problem. I think I should rephrase my issue and mention the data fields present in the fact so that it becomes simpler.

The input file has following format:

Company      Geography            Rate             Hours

IBM                    USA                 11                  1

IBM                    USA                 12                  1

IBM                    USA                 13                  1

I calculate the rate for "Company-Geography" combination at load time by grouping by "Company-Geography" combination. ( I have a "Company-Geography" concatenated field in the input file). Lets call this effective rate.

What I want to do is for a given company, I want to find the geography corresponding to median rates. There are multiple transactions for "Company-Geography" combination and effective rate can be same for any two "Company-Geography" combination (which is one of the reasons why i am concerned about using Distinct).

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