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First row in a straight table

Hai Team,

I have a straight table with dimension Physician_Name and expression Product_volume.

In this straight table I am showing all the physicians based on geography selection. I want to show the first physician name in a text box that means first row Physician name from the straight table. User can sort table based on Product volume so the order of table will change. everytime I need the first record from that table.

Is there any way to pick first row value from a straight table?


Sibin Jacob.C

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Re: First row in a straight table

Every object like chart and tables show values depending on dimensions and expression so, if you want to show a value outside the object you should have to replicate an expression with the same dimension. This is not possible in a text box, otherwise you could use a trick that is design a new table where the dimension limit show only a row and so displaing the first row as you need

Hope it helps