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FirstSortedValue and Max functions


I have a requirement to replicate a straight table as individual text boxes as shown in screenshot below. I am using Max and First Sorted Value expressions (Expressions pasted below). Somehow these functions only consider distinct values. In my example "68" is repeated twice but Max function only considers it once and first sorted value ignore completely. How do I resolve this?

Expressions I am using:

max(Aggr(XXX,Dimension),1) ---->1,2,3,....7

FirstSortedValue(Dimension,-(Aggr(XXX,Dimension)),1) ---->1,2,3,....7

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MVP & Luminary

Re: FirstSortedValue and Max functions

You need to make the max value unique somehow. Perhaps this will do:


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Re: FirstSortedValue and Max functions

Try something like

FirstSortedValue(Dimension,-(Aggr(XXX+FieldIndex('Dimension',Dimension)/1000 ,Dimension)),1) ---->1,2,3,....7

FirstSortedValue(Aggr(XXX,Dimension),-(Aggr(XXX+FieldIndex('Dimension',Dimension)/1000 ,Dimension)),1)