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Re: Firstsortedvalue returns Null

Sorry Eric. I don't know how to help in this case...but this is a community, there are always people who understand some issues better than others.

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Re: Firstsortedvalue returns Null

Don't worry thank you very much.

Have a great day!


Re: Firstsortedvalue returns Null

Hi Eric,

Are you still looking for the solution? I realise that it's 2 weeks old thread.

If yes, so you don't mind getting either value when there's clash?




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Re: Firstsortedvalue returns Null

Hi Deepak, thanks for the following up, the first question has been answered, but I am struggling on the second one, any advice?

I just created a backorder app:

Our ideal billing process is for every Cust PO  one invoice is created, however that is not happening and my App is showing unreal BO.


CustPO: 0029075 is related with 2 invoices: SI015361 and SI015362. This causes that the report show unreal BO, for example the first LineNo_"200000" on the report has $1,706 on PO Amount, but 0 invoiced, meaning that the line is consider as a BO, however the second row same item and same LineNo_"200000" show $1,706 on PO Amount and $1,706 invoiced. Hence the first line it is not a BO.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Firstsortedvalue returns Null

Hola Nuno me podrías ayudar


No quiero nulos ni vacíos 

= FirstSortedValue(Cliente,Aggr(sum(if(Televisora='TVMAS' and Año='2019',Value))/SUM(IF(Año='2019',Value)),Cliente))