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Folder permissions

Can anyone tell me how the Qlikview Management Console assigns permissions to folders it creates?

The task is set to loop on the Outside Sales Rep name and distribute the file to a Windows 10 server.

Anytime a new sales rep is hired, the task will automatically create a folder with his/her name and assigns the following highlighted permissions (along with the outside sales rep - couldn't get it in the screen shot):  We had to manually add the "Administrators" group.

The same permissions are assigned to the file that is put in the folder.

I need the system to also include "Administrators" as part of the security.

*The server where the folders and files are stored is not a shared folder.  We tried that first and permissions were all messed up.

*Permissions are not inheritable as I don't want everyone to be able to accesses each other's folder - I haven't tested this, I am just assuming that is a possibility if permissions were inheritable.

Any help is appreciated!