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Force Selection in Set Analysis

Good day.  I'm attempting to force a field selection with Set Analysis.  The field is [Past Due], and the selection is "PD".  Then I'm wanting to sum up the open orders (field [SO Open Qty]).  Here is what I have.

The goal is to have this as a Dimension on a pivot.

=Sum({$<[Past Due]={$(=Only('PD'))}>} [SO Open Qty])

In my expression for this pivot, I'm doing the math to see where I go negative by day.  Like this:

OH - RangeSum(Before(sum([SO Open Qty]),0, ColumnNo())) - (insert the Past Due syntax here)

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Force Selection in Set Analysis

Try this

RangeSum(Before(Sum({<[Past Due] = {'PD'}>} [SO Open Qty]), 0, ColumnNo()))

Re: Force Selection in Set Analysis

=sum({<[Past Due] = {'PD'}>} [SO Open Qty])

 I tried the above to start, but it doesn’t appear to be paying attention to the forced ‘PD’ selection.  It’s returning zero.  If I select dates in the past, then it gives an answer.

Re: Force Selection in Set Analysis

Would you be able to share a sample to show the issue?