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Freezing the values in the second document while doing transfer state

Hi ,

Attached here are document Freeze 1 .qvw and Freeze.qvw.

Freeze 1 is my master qvw and on clicking a button in "freeze 1.QVW" ,"freeze qvw" opens up. (this has been accomplished using open document trigger along with transfer state check box).

If we select 5 ID's in master app all the 5 ID's gets transferred properly in the second document.

The challenge is we have a tricky requirement , where the 5 ID's should be locked in the second application and the user shall be able to toggle in between those 5 ID's only .

We used ajax so cannot use Reduce data Macro .

i also tried using match with a variable in the expression of a list box.

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Specialist II
Specialist II


The video link doesn't seem to be working


You're correct. Also, taking a second look at that page, he may be talking about Qlik Sense. ODAG in Qlik Sense is much better fleshed out due to the extensive API capabilities. The concept still exists for QV, but it's not as well documented apparently.

In short, you would want to pass the values you want in the new app to the QV backend for a reduce task to run and produce a new document with only the data for those values.