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Full Accumulation Problem

Hi All,

I am having a problem with the "Full Accumulation" function in a chart.

I have a chart which plots accumulated values over time compared with the previous year.

The issue I have is the current year to date is extending out to the end date of the previous year.

The graph below shows "Selected TM" or current year.  Cumulative (using Full Accumulation) is rolled out to the end of period when it actually should end at year to date (Value 8 on the x-axis - as shown in the expression with no accumulation).


Is there any way I can have the cumulated value for current year to date ending at the actual x-axis intersect and not flowing out to the end of period.


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Re: Full Accumulation Problem


I was wondering if you found a solution for this, as I ran into the same problem.



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Re: Full Accumulation Problem

Hi Eva,

I have worked this out.  For an accumulation of year to date (stopping at the latest date) do not use the
Accumulation functionality in Qlikview.  Instead set the expression to "No Accumulation" and use the RangeSum function to perform the accumulation within the expression.

Here's an example of the RangeSum expression:


COUNT({$<[SEMESTER] = {"<=$(vCTerm)"}>} IF(MATCH(SEMESTER,'01', '02', '03', '04') AND TERM_CI_START<=DATE(TODAY('DD/MM/YYYY')), COURSE_ENR)),




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Re: Full Accumulation Problem

Thanks Karl, accumulation within the expression did the trick for me, too.

Regards, Eva

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