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Gauge Reversal

Hello folks,

Has anyone found a way to set up a gauge where it fills from right to left instead of from left to right.

Here is how guages work now. I want them to flip on the y - axis. Is this possible?


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Re: Gauge Reversal

Thanks! How do switch the color segments?

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Re: Gauge Reversal

Look at the Presentation Tab in Chart properties.

Sorry, I've deleted my post as I thought that you want inverse y-axis while I describe how to invert x-axis.

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Re: Gauge Reversal

For anyone looking.

The way I solved this was by using two segments. In the presentation tab you can create segments. Make the first segment's lower bound at your max value, effectively deleting it. Make the lower bound of the second segment equal to (Your max value) - (your expression). It should look something like this. (Back ground made in text object seperately)

for qommunity.PNG

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