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Gauge Tick Values


This should be pretty straight forward but can't figure it out. I have the attached gauge in my app. What I want to display as the tick marks are the following:

0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%

instead of the actual expression values such as .29, .57, .86,...

How do you accomplish this?

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add reference lines:


Very simple to do. Open Gauge Properties->Numbers tab. Select "Fixed To" with as many decimals as you like, instead of "Expression Default", and enable the "Show in percent (%)" checkbox under the list of radio buttons.

You may have to play with the number of Major Tick Marks in the Presentation tab to get a correct label like 0%, 20%, 40% and so on.

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Thanks for your reply.  I followed your instructions and have attached the sample qvw which I implemented. I see two problems:

1- labels (10%, 20%, ....) are not displayed

2- can not get rid of the red lines on the gauge even after setting the opacity

Do you have any suggestions or ideas why I am seeing this?


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Setting those properties merely puts a % sign in front the actual expression value as you can see in the attached qvw in the gauge titled "show in percentages".  Note that my gauge min and max is not 0 and 1, but it is an expression.


Well, that's new and important information. Better mention that in your original post next time.

The idea behind gauges and their scales & ticks is that the scale is divided into a fixed number of zones (Properties->Presentation->Major Units - 1) and independently of the actual gauge segments, EXCEPT for the start and end values of the gauge. You cannot assign immutable label values to those ticks because they divide gauge max - gauge min / (number of major ticks - 1) to get the actual label values. If they wouldn't do that, and you expect to have labels like 20%, 20%, 60% and so on, what would the gauge scale look like when the min value = 22% and the max value is 39% and you want 6 major units? That would lead to some sort of infight between gauge range & tick mark range.

Maybe you should fix the gauge range (to 0 -> 100%) and add an actual value display in the lower center of your gauge. The latter is meant to display large values when the needle gets stuck at the upper gauge limit (=100% and no further). You can add an expression in Properties->Presentation->Text in Chart to do that.


As far as I can see, in your document the number formatting suggestion works as expected. The % marker is put behind the value, and a value of 13.5 becomes 1.350%. That's entirely correct I think. Or did you expect something else?

If 13.5 means 13.5%, then divide your expression by 100 before displaying the result in your gauge. The labels will follow.