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Get dates from week number


I have a field WEEKNUMBER (which contains week numbers as 1,2,3 etc), and i want to get dates from that.

How can i achieve this ?

Thank you..

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Re: Get dates from week number

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Re: Get dates from week number

You don;t have Dates?

If you have dates then you would not need WEEK DATES. Unless you are going to make Week1 (which consists of 7 dates), Week2 (7dates) Week 3(7Dates) and so on....

What are you trying to achieve with the week dates?

You can maybe use

WeekStart(Date)as WKS

WeekEnd(Date) as WKE

To get start and end dates for the weeks and if you click on Week 1 it will select respective start and end dates from above fields.

And you'll have a Date Field which will give you all dates from that week.