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Get object name for each sheet object

Hi Again

Now I'mplaying with adding aand removing objects

this script is totally wrong, but it gives you an insight on what I am tryiong to do - I've done it in VBa in excel, but ....

for each shobj in sheetobjects
     set box=shobj.GetProperties
     objName = box.ObjectId
     msgbox objName

In otherwords, I want to prove I can capture the objectID. THat way I can delete objects that I dont want

i.e. if object name <> "myobject" then delete kind of thing

Again assistance please

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Re: Get object name for each sheet object

Hi, I created a small sample app for your case.

I made it if object.title = "name" , remove it just to don't lose all the objects in a single click...

I include message box to let you see what's going on in the code.

Hope this works for you,