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Get quarterly data using the last month of each quarter


I have a set of data that shows count for each month, example:

  • Jan = 10,000
  • Feb = 15,000
  • Mar = 11,000

The Quarter 1 data would be the Mar data NOT the sum of Jan + Feb + Mar, so in this scenario, the Q1 = 11,000. The YTD will be Dec data.

How do I accomplish that?

Thank you so much

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Re: Get quarterly data using the last month of each quarter

Define your quarters that way, and the charts will follow.  Generally speaking, applications would have a master calendar table in them.  This table would have a quarter.  Normally, you'd define a quarter for every date in the calendar.  In your case, only define the quarter for the last month of each quarter.  For example:

if(mod(month(Date),3)=0,quartername(Date)) as Quarter

The exact expression will depend on how you want your quarters to look, though.

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