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Getting Problem Solving skills especially with IF statements

Hi Guys,

Im relativeley new to QLikview and used Online course and QLikview 11 Developer Book  to get a good start as a Developer. My  Senior Colleague who has 3 Years of experience as QLik Developer is teaching me some things too.

So right now we are actually working on a Dashbard Backend for a OTRS System and his skills tremendously good, especially his problem solving skills using IF statements and Applymaps(), Flagging and so on.

I want and need that, because this is what i am lacking right now.

so what can I do to gain a further understanding of this skills set "Problem Solving" in Qlikview as a Developer with Focus on BackEnd right now. Do you have tips,ressources or even techniques to get so much better an problem Solving with IF Statements?


Thanks a Bunch!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I think you are already on a good way. Most important is to build a proper and suitable datamodel to avoid as much as possible the need of solving problems (the later problems are adressed the more efforts they need). Another great approach is: "... keep it as simple as possible but not simpler ...".

Also using the community will be a great help. Here one post which has multiple links to valuable resources:


- Marcus

Digital Support
Digital Support

@Nocto Marcus hit many of the Design Blog posts in his other post, but here is the main Design Blog site link from which you can search, which may come in handy:


The Help Doc also has some good info too, not sure if Marcus had this in his other post or not:



Hopefully that will give you a good start on things.


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