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Giving option to select by count

Hi folks,

I have a similar straight-table as below, derived from multiple tables (as Customers, Orders, shipments). All fields in straight table has duplicates.

ORDERED_QTY is an Expression with Count function.

and remaining fields are Dimensions.


And Business user requirement is "For a given time period provide the ability to view details broken out by number as ORDERED_QTY>5 or 10, depends on user input".

Could someone please help me how to implement this in dashboard.

I tried implementing this by giving an "Multibox" option with the below similar expression


but this results in a weird way as If I select Count 10, it is showing some extra values less than and greater than 10.

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Re: Giving option to select by count


You can achive this using a variable OR Two variables to hold and store the lower and upper bounds of the values.

Check the sample app attached and hopefully it will help you...

* On the chart properties > Expressions - Notice that "Total Mode" is Sum of Rows *

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Giving option to select by count

Try as listbox-expression something like this:


CUSTOMER_ID /* maybe some more dimensions like PRODUCT_DETAILS but surely not all dimensions */),


and providing the variable vQTYBucketSize within a inputbox.

- Marcus

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Re: Giving option to select by count

Hi friend,

Could you please post me the logic you used in QVW file, because I don't have a licensed version to open the document.