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Going from a multi column STRAIGHT TABLE to a 2 dimension Scatter Graph

Hello folks - hope you are well!!

Question of the day -
I have a multi column STRAIGHT TABLE with a number of expressions in a number of columns doing calculations etc. 

I want to plot 2 of the calculated columns as x & y in a scatter plot .. and ideally take from a 3rd column and label each point. 

I can't find a way to JUST plot two columns out of all these columns.  I can't remove any of the columns because they are part of the calculations.  

  • How do you "just" graph 2 (espressions) columns out of a multitude of columns in a straight table?
  • How do you specify which of the specified columns (whither dimension or expression) is the x and which is the y?

Thanks as always.

Rgds Jack