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Grid chart / Scatter chart with item name and continuous timeline


I'm a Qlikview beginner and first allow me to apologize for the possibility of asking repeated questions.

I want to draw a chart showing a list of items and a timeline, as shown in the figure attached (drawn manually).
The position of circles indicates the date of purchase.
The size and color of circles indicates the amount and type of purchase.

Example.pngExample of the desired chart

I have thought about 3 approaches and all of them have some challenges:

1. Grid Chart: The scale of timeline will not be consistent, i.e. only the date with purchase will be shown on X-axis, with same intervals. It is also possible to plot every single date within the range, but then a way to hide them and only show several steps is needed.

2. Scatter Chart: The Y dimension need to be represented by value first and then override by the name of items.

3. Stacked Bar Chart (Gantt Chart): I don't know if it's possible/how to show the extra dimensions (pin-point the coordinate of the circle and draw them).


So my question is, which approach is more suitable for this case, and how to solve the relative challenges?

An example file will be very much appreciated.

Thank you!