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Grouping Dates by Month

What is the expression to group dates by month?

I have a data set with dates that I uploaded via a spreadsheet.  I created a bar chart with Qlik, but I need the individual dates to be grouped by month.  

For example, I need 12/01/2017 through 12/31/2017 showing as Dec 2017, 01/01/2018 through 01/31/2018 showing as Jan 2018, and so on.

I'm an expression newbie so please explain in very simple terms.

Thank you so much!

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Re: Grouping Dates by Month

In your load script you could add another column:

DATE(<your date field>,'MMM-YYYY')    AS MMMYYYY

Then use that field as your dimension.  HTH

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Re: Grouping Dates by Month

You generally use a master calendar linked yo your fact on keydate.


Use date# and date functions


Date (Date #(DateField,'MM/DD/YYYY'),'MMM YYYY') as Period


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Re: Grouping Dates by Month

Hi Lea,

There are few ways to do what you want.

The quick win is to add below dimension into your chart.

=Date([xxx Your Date Field Name xxx],'MMMMYYYY')

The best way is to add master calendar dimension in your data model.


Hopefully this helps you. Good luck!