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Im really new to qlikView and I need to design a very complex chart and really need help,

Lets assume I have a table as below in excel file,

Person Name



Change date

Person AITEngineer1/1/2013
Person BITEnginer1/1/2013
Person AITManager2/2/2013
Person BITAsst Manager3/3/2013

So I want a chart in qlikview which would tell me how many Person from each division has got promotion? So the Chart should display as In IT Division 2 People have got promotion

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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an example, hope it helps

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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I open the qvw file which you have sent me I just see a table with a value 0 in it?

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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



LOAD p_name,

    count(p_name) as count,


    // disig,



(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1)      Group by p_name;

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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Balu it is just as you can add a derived field as level and then you can easily do the ranking.

Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the expression:


(if(aggr(min(level),Division, [Person Name])<aggr(max(level),Division, [Person Name]),1,0))

the chart has two dimensions:

division and person name

the script is:


* Inline

[Person Name ,Division ,Desigination ,Change date

Person A,IT,Engineer,1/1/2013

Person B,IT,Engineer,1/1/2013

Person A,IT,Manager,2/2/2013

Person B,IT,Asst Manager,3/3/2013


left  Join

load * Inline


Desigination, level


Asst Manager, 2

Manager, 3


However try to load data again in the file I sent to you

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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pasted the one which you gave me in QVW but What I see in the Bar chat is Person A and Person B and Division shows as IT but I also wanted to know From what Designation to what designation each person has changed. Also is it possible for you to explain me the expression?

Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've designed a chart flat table ...

So you would like a bar chart with person name and division, but how would you display the information of changing designation? Isn't better to show information with a table? Let me know

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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand what you are saying but somehow I want to show this in a chart Im fine to show the chnage of designation in any chart not just bar so please help me

Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you can see the example, if not let me know, I've solved the problem

Hope it helps

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