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Help: Need to find date in a sequence


I have a table where i have active column (this is a flag , it should be 1 for current roi and null for the rest),

based on this active column we need to find roi number , for example active column 1, the roi value is 3.94 . I need to find   update_on_date column's min value  based on this roi value.

For example if you load this inline data, active value 1, the roi value is 3.94 , now the 3.94 value is same for 6/28/16 and 7/25/17 so it should show 6/28/16 date in a separate column. 

It should only consider the month since the roi value get changed.


Load * Inline
active,roi, updated_on_date, last_roi_date
'',3.94,'1/7/16 19:34',''
'',3.94,'2/7/16 19:41',''
'',3.94,'2/7/16 19:49',''
'',3.94,'3/7/16 19:58',''
'',3.94,'4/7/16 20:03',''
'',3.6,'4/28/16 18:23',''
'',3.6,'5/28/16 19:33',''
'',3.94,'6/28/16 19:41',''
'',3.94,'7/25/17 18:43',''
1, 3.94,'','8/25/17 18:43']

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Re: Help: Need to find date in a sequence

In you require in edit script 

before semicolumn using Order By  fieldname asc..


in front end

right click that object goto sort..

number >asc  (as per your option either asc or desc)


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Re: Help: Need to find date in a sequence

Hi Surya,

Sorry for unable to explain properly.

What i am looking here to compare the updated_on_date columns row by row and calculate the difference , if the difference is more than one month then i want to show roi number correspond of that row.


Kind regards,