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Help to display units sold per supplier by store


I need some help with an expression...

I have an application which shows promotional deal sales per store. We are currently running a deal (Lunch Time Special) which comprises of:

1. Any sandwich / Baguette

2. Any drink 330ml

3. A choice of either a chocolate bar or any pack of crisps.

We then give the store a bonus for each deal sold, but the bonus amount is different depending on the products sold.

I want to show in my application a count of products sold by supplier by store.


Coca Cola = 8 products

Nestle = 4 Products

Mars = 6 Products.

I will probably have to use a PIVOT chart instead of a straight Table.

I have attached an example of my application. I would like this expression to appear in the SUMMARY chart.

I would appreciate any help



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Help to display units sold per supplier by store

A quick way to show this would be to add either 'Supplier' or 'Product' (or both) as a dimension depending on the level of detail you want.

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