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Valued Contributor II

Help with Macro

Hi all

I have a macro that exports an object into excel and saves it and emails it to multiple recipients.

Can anyone tell me what command i would use to also delete the file please?

Here is the Export part of the macro.

Sub Export1
theDate = Right(String(2,"0") &  Day(Now()),2) _
        & Right(String(2,"0") & month(Now()),2) _
        & Year(Now())

ActiveDocument.ClearAll false
set corp = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB05")
corp.ExportBiff  pathcorp & "TEST - " & theDate & ".xls"

set MyTable = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB05")
Set XLApp = Nothing
Set Table = Nothing

Many thanks


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Honored Contributor II

Re: Help with Macro

When I google vbscript delete file, I find:

Set obj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 'Calls the File System Object 

obj.DeleteFile("C:\MyFolder\MyFile.txt") 'Deletes the file throught the DeleteFile function

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