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Help with a Line Chart

Hey guys, it's my first post.

I need help with a line chart that I am doing.

I have the Dimension set to Fiscal Year - going from 2008, 2009, 2010, 20011, and 2012.

The expression is where I am having trouble.

My Data looks like this:

Supplier #VRR 12M FY10VRR 12M FY11VRR 12M FY09VRR 12M FY12VRR 12M FY08

VRR is a % (out of 100) rating a Vender's (Supplier) Reliabilty.

Fiscal Year is a field in another chart

Supplier# is a keyfield throughout all of my data.

What I need to do is to make a Line Chart that plots the VRR from FY08 - FY12 But I do not know how to set up the Expression, Any help out there?

Do I need to set up a new field or a variable that tells the Line Chart from which VRR box to draw data from?

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Re: Help with a Line Chart

Have you tried building a line chart with the dimensions fiscal year and supplier and an expression like sum(VRR)?

This would show VRR per supplier and year.

Hope that helps.