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Hide an item in a 'container object'

Can I hide an item in a 'container object' (including the corresponding tab) without deleting it?

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Re: Hide an item in a 'container object'

What you mean by hide in container object? What exactly you are trying to achieve can you elaborate please ?

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Re: Hide an item in a 'container object'

I'll try to explain my problem with simple and schematic word:

-i've a container and in this container there are 5 objects

-I want to hide some of this objects in the contanier without deleting them.

-Also i want to hide the tab(label)  associated with object hidden.

Is it possible?


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Re: Hide an item in a 'container object'

Hi Maurizio,

normaly way it is not posible to hide any objects within container, but give a bit information regarding of business case, may be we can find another solution.


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Re: Hide an item in a 'container object'

Ok, I am still not sure if this iwhat you wanted, i presume You already have some objects hidden right ? IF you want to label not to be displayed, go to container properties, select an object and click in the bottom label for selected object and give a space bar, this will remove the label. LIke hereCapture.PNG

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Re: Hide an item in a 'container object'

You can hide the objects, by giving a conditional expression in object properties -> Layout tab and Conditional check button. Write your expression.

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Re: Hide an item in a 'container object'

Yes you can.

Normally we cannot hide an object within container as it is linked.

In this case you'll need to create a new list box with same Dimension/Expression and use it in that particular container.


In a container you've 2 objects and this container is also used on other sheets

1st object=LB100

2nd object=LB101 (which you'd like to hide)

Now create a new chart or list box which will have a different object number maybe LB102, remove the LB101 and add it to y LB102 to your container which has a condition.

In you sheet where you like to hide this object, give a condition in layout tab if(dimension=...,1,0)

In this way it won't affect other objects which are linked to each other and it will always hide but show up only if condition is satisfied.

Also hiding the labels can also be done.

I find this as an alternate fix, try it and it might work for you.