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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hide rows in straight table


I want to hide these rows that contain empty cells in accuracy column.

Any ideas, please?

I really need this work correctly to follow my analysis.

Best regards,

Alâa Eddine.


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Hi Alaa,

Maybe you can use View Condition for Experssion in Straight Table?

Use the View Condition to all expression except Sub.Agg Brand Acc.. that if the Sub/agg brand acc.. is NULL , then dont show it..... should be the formula of calculating the Sub/Agg Brand Acc...  in a IF formula and NULL Condition.

Hope it helps,

Best Regards,



Dimension columns have this nice option to "Suppress when Value is Null", and expressions have this feature built-in. Unfortunately, for rows to be suppressed based on the outcome of expressions, ALL expression results have to be either 0 or NULL. As long as a single expression is producing reasonable values, the row will show.

Luckily, there is a trick available that lets you suppress multiple-expression rows based on the value of only one or a few of those expression columns. Since you can refer to another expression result by simply using the column label as if it were a field name, you can write something like this for any of the other four expressions:

IF ([Sub/Agg Brand Acc...] <> 0, ExpressionForOtherColumn)

Make sure that the label between square brackets is complete, as your screenshot doesn't show the entire label text.


Hello @Peter_Cammaert 

Perfect, thank you.