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Hiding Textboxes

Hello Guys,

          Have a look at the below pic. Those are textboxes and I am using them for navigation purpose.


Now, My problem is, for now, my client wants to hide 2-5 and Home, 1 Button should only be visible.

I have specified conditions in the conditional option under show tag. like this if(len(trim(getCurrentSelections()))>0,1,0).

    But this doesn't work. Can you give someother ideas to hide 2,3,4,5 only.

Thanks in advance.


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Hiding Textboxes


  I dont know this will solve your problem or not.

  But you can give a try.

  In property of Textbox. In general tab you can check the option "Hide excluded"


Kaushik Solanki

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Hiding Textboxes

Hi , it looks like List box. List Box Properties Check hide excluded.  I hope it can solve your problems.

Honored Contributor

Hiding Textboxes

If they are actually text boxes, you will need to write the expression in all of them.

As I see it, you want to hide them only if there is no selection in the whole application.

You could  put this expression in another text box to see if it is actually what you want :


Hope this helps,


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