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High (100%) CPU Utilization Problem

Hi All,

We are facing high CPU utilization issue on our BI server from long time. BI server has 15 Processors and 60 GB RAM with Windows server 2012 64x on virtual machine. We have published five applications having size of approx. 250 MB each. Here there l am attaching log file for more information.

If someone can look into this and provide necessary guideline to resolve this issue, I will be obliged.


HP Sharma

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Re: High (100%) CPU Utilization Problem

Hi Hari,

I had a quick peek at your logs. Which QlikView Services are you running on this box? Are you running reloads on this server? How much Virtual Memory have you allocated in Windows in GB? It seems that you are running low on virtual memory just before you have restarts of your server which might indicate that you are running totally out of memory - both physical and virtual - that is total disaster for any server environment. Paging is much better than no memory at all.

Could you increase the frequency of your performance log from every 5 minute to every minute? In case you will upload more logs later it can be a bit more informative if the frequency is higher...