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How To Print Listbox In Multiple Columns?

Gysbert Wassenaar

Gysbert Wassenaar swuehl

I need to  print the values in the list box. I have set the listbox properties to show 4 columns and hide excluded values.

Upon printing, the listbox is printed in one-column-per-page format instead of 4 that appear on the screen.


Note: Sample file attached. Trying to print the list (print preview) will give you an idea of the problem scenario.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Regards & Thanks,


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Ideas or suggestions, anyone?


Creator II
Creator II

bro, I tried a few things but nothing yet,

maybe a macro that exports to excel in the format that you want, it may be an option.

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Community Administrator

Sir, I have sometimes relied on community experts to solve difficult problems and greatly appreciate their help. This time, however, I am surprised that the community hasn't responded for so long on something I think is a simple issue to solve for experts here.It is possible that perhaps, my posted query on this thread almost went unnoticeable.

If you could assist, how can I solve the print problem here?

Thank you.